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Seung Ha
Director, Infrastructure
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Mario Sanmiguel
Cybersecurity Engineer


eClinical Data Breach  

eClinical Solutions, a clinical research vendor for life science companies, experienced a ransomware attack that disrupted their production systems, including the elluminate platform. The incident also resulted in the exfiltration of data that potentially could include personal information. eClinical has worked with cybersecurity incident response experts and law enforcement to contain and recover from the incident, and the impacted clients were notified of the breach. 

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Pharmaceutical giant Cencora says data was stolen in a cyberattack 

Cencora, disclosed a cyberattack resulting in data exfiltration from its IT systems. The incident, which may involve personal information, was promptly contained, and an investigation is underway with law enforcement and cybersecurity experts. The attack’s impact on finances or operations remains unclear, and Cencora confirmed it is unrelated to a recent ransomware attack on Optum Change Healthcare. This data breach was reported to the SEC stating that as of the filing date, there has not been any materiality.

Recommended Actions:

  • Have in place an Incident Response Plan: Guides the cybersecurity team on incident response, defines roles and responsibilities and actions to take during an incident 
  • Perform tabletop exercises: Helps the incident response team and stakeholders understand fully the incident response plan and identifies any gaps. This will help the team act swiftly and contact the respective authorities on time in case of an incident. 


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