We deliver integrated, validated, and fully-mapped-out technology solutions.

All too often, Life Science companies organically devolve into a Software Sprawl, Fragmented Data, Compliance Challenges, and Misspent Dollars. When you lack the proper management processes all of your clinical trial documents and regulatory filings are put at risk. Maintaining speed and securing cost savings requires robust, intuitive systems.

Celito is here to deploy crucial technology for your entire product lifecycle. Every team searches for niche software, but we believe you need a comprehensive and harmonious process across one single platform. We move emerging/early-stage life sciences companies toward complete digitalization of their clinical & quality lifecycles—all the way from discovery to commercialization.

CELITO Life Sciences Cloud Platform ( CELITO LCP)


CELITO LCP enables compliance with regulations, industry standards & policies, standardized quality processes, maintaining data integrity, and providing internal controls.


CELITO LCP provides an integrated suite of applications for managing clinical trial planning and execution.

CELITO enables the digitization of the Clinical lifecycle from Discovery through Commercialization

Your compliant technology stack begins here.

Celito is a team of experienced IT Executives, Industry Professionals, and Business Consultants focused on the life sciences industry.

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