Master of Adaptation: Ata Mir’s Dynamic Rise from Tech Support to Program Leadership

Meet Ata Mir, the Director of Strategic Programs, who currently advises on strategic Information Technology (IT) initiatives for both internal teams and external clients. With a keen expertise in crafting resilient, scalable IT solutions tailored to clients’ budgets and needs, Ata successfully manages multiple client engagements, ensuring seamless execution and delivering value at every step. 

Ata’s journey into the world of technology began with a dedicated passion that led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering, complemented by a minor in business management. Starting his career as a service desk technician, Ata swiftly climbed the ranks due to his deep understanding of technology and its business implications. His commitment and skill enabled him to establish and manage a robust service desk team, setting the foundation for his current strategic role. 

Outside of work, Ata treasures family time, relishing moments with his loved ones. He particularly enjoys witnessing his 4-year-old’s fascination with prime numbers, odd numbers, and everything mathematical. 

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